At the start of World War II, the United States Army bought Paramount's motion picture studio at 35th Avenue and 35th Street in Astoria, Long Island City, Queens, New York, taking over in February 1942.  The studio became the Signal Corps Photographic Center, later Army Pictorial Center, home to filmmakers and still photographers who covered the war and who produced countless training films.  This is the story of the people who served there.


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APC's connection to the
Queens Chamber of Commerce

Ira H. Genet 

Captain Ira H. Genet  "was a walking encyclopedia, an academic, a writer, a filmmaker, and worked in various other roles both governmental and non-governmental," according to his grandson, Nicholas Genet.



Television productions in the 1950s

Get Set Go television set

Television was part of Army Pictorial Center's output in the 1950s. Productions were distributed by Kinescope, as recalled by Neil Upchurch. "Christmas 1957" was one of those productions, shown in the photo above. Sitting on the wall is Dennis E. Laughlin, who was part of the television set design and art department.

What work did Carl Heuer produce?

Who was that beatnik in Hartzer's film?

Training Photographers in China During World War II


The 'T" System for Measuring Light Transmission


Studio Electrical Modernization


Memories from Alumni News

"It simply took me back, 'way back, and reminded me of much of my love for moving pictures. I loved every single iota of it."

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Cameraman Frank H. Labram Remembered

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In Focus: A Trove of APC History

A Foxhold on Wheels

Other Photo Units: 497th Signal Company

Ron Rozewski

More Footage of Camp Feldafing?

Robert M. Rosenthal

Another APC Alumnus Found!

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Army Demonstrates Drones for Reconnaisance

James Boultinghouse

D'Addario Photos

A Daughter's Memories

Edward Boykin on Mobile Television

Film industry in WWII 

More about Norton S. Parker

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Cameras for atomic tests



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For example, do you know how combat photographer Robert D. Stone won his Bronze Star?


Main Entrance

The main entrance to APC at night
was photographed by Bill Ricks,
who supplied a few of his color slides from that era.



Big Picture title

The Big Picture
is available on DVD and Online!

The National Archives and Records Administration has made individual episodes of "The Big Picture" available via Amazon.  Episode DVDs can also be copied for free by visitors to NARA's College Park, Maryland, facility.  And many complete episodes and clips have been posted on YouTube.