William A. (Bill) Ricks provided these 1967 views from his collection of color slides:

A view of the main studio. My main work area was at one of the visible windows at left. I think it was second floor. We maintained and checked out cameras and other equipment. Also we worked with photographic instrumentation. I recall cannibalizing electronic assemblies.


Front of APC main studio at night, from barracks building window.  That center entry opens directly onto the main stage.


APC barracks building across the street from the studio. I bunked at the far end, third floor. A TV room and food/beverage area was in the basement.


Parking lot behind the barracks. The back door of the mess hall opened on the parking lot, but this is a higher view.


I'm sorry, I can't remember the name. This was typical view of the barracks.


My friend Jim Walch, who worked in personnel. He was able to maneuver the timing of my 30-day leave. It resulted in my landing in Vietnam as Tet was winding up instead of being in the middle of it.


Game room. One of the career soldiers would walk in the room in a booming voice, saying "Piece of the action. Best in the house."


(Posted November 3, 2010)