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"I worked at the Signal Corps Photo Center in Astoria in 1944-5," wrote  Margot Evelind Greenspan Brunswick, "and got to all of the buildings on my rounds as a studio messenger.  I seem to remember there were six buildings spread around the lot.  As a teenager from the New York suburbs, I was absolutely enthralled by the opportunity to watch movies being made. I particularly enjoyed stopping at the animation department, where it seemed most of the personnel were from Disney Studios in California.


"I remember watching Carol (forgot her last name) singing “Shine On, Harvest Moon” for an entertainment film for the troops; also, a film being made especially for the — then segregated — Red Ball Express transportation battalion; Ruby Dee was the romantic lead in the film. Also, I watched Arturo Toscanini conducting for a film that was to shown at the initial United Nations Conference on International Organization in San Francisco, April 1945.


"It was at the Photo Center that I was introduced to my husband-to-be, Lawrence F. Brunswick, who was a PFC assigned to the research laboratory as an optical engineer.


The "T System of measuring light


"Pfc.Lawrence F. Brunswick, 1943-45, assigned to the research laboratory, he developed the 'T' system of measuring lens light transmission (as compared to the then-standard “F” system).  His supervisor took credit for the development; however, an article was printed in the post newspaper correctly crediting Larry for the discovery."


(Posted July 10, 2016; updated October 7, 2020.)



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