The Army's collection of films and photographs that constituted the Army Motion Picture Depository are now in the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.  NARA describes its collection and provides contact information for the archives.

There are a few films that are particularly well remembered from Army Pictorial Center.  Among these are John Huston's "Let There Be Light" and the entire "The Big Picture" television series.  This is not a filmography, just bits of information about the memorable films that have come to hand.  

While the Army was producing training films at the Signal Corps Photographic Center, many of the same talents were at work in Hollywood, making films for and about the war effort. 

Over 340 episodes of The Big Picture are available at, according to retired Master Sergeant Carl Mueller, who comments on this groundbreaking television series.


National Archives
The Big Picture Let There Be Light Overseas Tactical Operations
The Astoria Studio Vietnam Why We Fight - The Conex Portable Warehouses
Oscar Winners To Hear Again No Place Like Home


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