There are books by or about the people who served at the Astoria studio.  If you have information about other books or resources, send an e-mail.

Armed with Cameras The American Military Photographers of WW2 by Peter Maslowski.

Maslowski describes the manner in which Signal Corps Photographic Center Commander Col. Melvin E. Gillette requested qualified motion-picture cameramen and qualified directors and writers be sent to the unfolding North African campaign. These included Major George Stevens, Major Linden Rigby and Captain John Huston.

Publishers Weekly said, "Military historian Maslowski (co-author of For the Common Defense ), whose father became an Air Force combat photographer in 1944, here presents in comprehensive detail the virtually unknown story of how U.S. armed forces produced photography (still and motion picture) in WW II for intelligence training, public information and historical use. Included are cameramen's moving, risky personal exploits, often ahead of main forces. The author describes the travel, morale and supply problems they encountered. Drawing on archival research and interviews conducted over 20 years, Maslowski gives new insight into the making of wartime documentaries such as San Pietro and The Fighting Lady , and into the circumstances behind such coups as the photographing of the U.S. Marine flag-raising on Iwo Jima. Combat photography, the author recalls, helped in mapping enemy positions and boosted both war-industry production and War Bond Drives. Maslowski succeeds in giving proper due to these camera warriors, who at the time received little of the recognition given to their civilian counterparts."  (Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.)

Film and the Director by Don Livingston, a director at Army Pictorial Center.

The Astoria Studio tell the history of the Astoria studio, with a chapter on its Army days.

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