Theodore F. Shane

Adrienne and her father, Master Sergeant Theodore F. Shane, at a Christmas gathering at Army Pictorial Center in the 1960s.

Adrienne Shane Esposito wrote:

My father, Theodore F. Shane, was a MSG. stationed at the APC from approximately 1962 until his retirement in 1964/65. He passed away in ’81. From what I remember, his job entailed archiving military movies. I visited the APC several times and remember being in the video storage area. One of my father’s cohorts was something of a prankster. He walked by a Geiger counter and set it off. Next, my father walked by and set it off. They challenged me to do the same with, of course, no result. I can only guess that they had something radioactive in their possession.

My father was also Gen. Mark Clark’s personal photographer at some point in his career.

So, I was told some things… .  My dad did attend one of the political conventions, the Democratic Convention in the early 60s. I thought it was for Kennedy but it may have been one convention later. My dad was invited to the White House by Lyndon Johnson and asked to head his video library in Austin, TX. I know he went to Japan, Korea, Turkey, and Germany…. Not necessarily in that order.

If you can piece things together from everyone’s memories, maybe that’ll clear stuff up for me as well. He was given leave for participation in Mustard Gas experiments. I’m sure that wasn’t worth it. He lost his senses of taste and smell as a result. He was often at the VA hospital for care to remove polyps that he said were from the mustard gas.

He had a composite pic of atomic experiments in Yucca Flats. My older daughter has the pic. He said he witnessed an atomic explosion. I can’t figure out when, in his career, that would have been. He expected not to have more children due to the radiation and the mustard gas. My sister and brother have health issues that may have resulted from my father’s service. If his genetics was altered because of his service time, we would like to know. His duty station prior to APC was Sandia in New Mexico and I know he went to White Sands off and on while he was stationed there.

Obviously, someone took the pic of me and my dad. On the back of the photo, it was captioned with, “Dad, what a big nose you have!” I am 100% sure that was someone’s imagination.  Funny and a great memory. Great pic. I do treasure it.

(Posted December 3, 2012)


Adrienne Shane Esposito also supplied the photos below that were among her father's negatives.   There's no accompanying information about the production or exercise being conducted here.  Master Sergeant Theodore F. McShane is behind the camera in the seventh picture below.








Master Sergeant Theodore F. Shane is behind the camera in the photo above.







(Posted March 30, 2013)


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