Displaced Persons Camp Feldafing:
Is There More Footage?


When General Eisenhower visited Holocaust survivors at Displaced Persons Camp Feldafing on September 17, 1945, it left a profound memory of “… the encouragement and solace they all drew from (then) General Eisenhower's visit to the camp.”

Silent footage from the visit is posted at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum at http://www.ushmm.org/online/film/display/detail.php?file_num=1133.  The footage, shot by motion picture cameraman Lambert of the 165th Signal Photo Company, may not be complete, although the National Archives and Records Administration has been unable to find more.

Rachel March, the daughter of two of those Holocaust survivors who were at Feldafing is looking for more footage or photos of that visit. 

“The entire Jewish community felt uplifted by that exciting visit,” she wrote. “Grand Rabbi Solomon Halberstam, who had himself lost his wife and entire family in the Nazi inferno led the congregation, (who interrupted their Yom Kippur prayers for this occasion) in welcoming this highly esteemed visitor and his entourage.

“Today, there are thousands of descendants of those who were present at that event who yearn for the opportunity to see additional footage of that visit, specifically of General Eisenhower meeting with Rabbi Halberstam and his Jewish Congregants.”

The shot list, apparently from the card file at the Army Motion Picture Depository, then co-located with Army Pictorial Center in New York, suggests the footage is complete.  Rachel March remains anxious to find out if there is more footage of the event.

If you have any information about footage or photos of the Feldafing event, please send it to jmarch@monroebus.com and/or to the Army Pictorial Center webmaster.

Updated October 24, 2019.



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