Assistant Director James Boultinghouse

James Boultinghouse wrote, "In July 1969 I was hired by Vibo Valenzio at APC as an assistant director to work with Pat Fay, pioneer TV director, on an army training film in progress at Ft. Benning.  This led to filming of Airborne and Pathfinders there,  Mr. Fay and I then started filming transportation films at Ft. Eustis with liaison George Anes for several years.  I worked on the citizen and Geneva convention films for Judge Advocate General Corps filmed in Panama.  I made the transition to Redstone* in 1970, working for subcontractors GE and HG Phillips Philadelphia, including the U. S. Army in Germany.  Why?  A New York friend of mine ran the first trial video unit at Eustis.  I am searching for any of the training films I worked on  and have thought of writing a recollection of my experiences as an Army film assistant director.  Any interest?  I was delighted to find the Army Pictorial website."

*(Boultinghouse refers to the 1970 closure of APC, when many APC functions and civilian personnel were transferred to Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.)



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