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Overseas Tactical Operations


"Overseas Tactical Operations," directed by Charles I. Turner, began shooting on October 31, 1962, on locations that included SETAF posts Caserma Passalacqua and Boscomantico airfield (Verona, Italy); but also other sites in the hills surrounding Verona, according to Giovanni Bonetto of Verona, Italy, who answered a query on our Help page.

Featured was GI John Armstrong who, as actor Todd Armstrong, had already appeared in TV's Manhunt and Walk on the Wild Side and had the title role in the Columbia film, Jason and the Argonauts.  The cast of Overseas Tactical Operations amounted over 70 people (professional actors, SETAF military personnel and civilian  Italian employees.

The film's producer was Max Kosarin for APC. Technical advisor for the production was Maj. Bruno A. Francazi.

Overseas Tactical Operations was the subject of a 2011 query by Giovanni Zantedeschi, who wrote, "I live in Verona, Italy. In 1962 in Verona and surroundings, Director Charles l. Turner directed the Army Pictorial Center film "Operation Overseas." The protagonist was the actor John Armstrong. I'm doing several searches of the film because my father is in the film. Is it possible to have" information about the film?

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