The Conex Portable Warehouse - 1968

The motion picture "The Conex Portable Warehouse" produced by Army Pictorial Center for Sharpe Army Depot, Lathrop, California, won a first place trophy in the Industrial Management Society's Seventeenth Annual Film competition in Chicago.  The film, which was photographed in 16mm color, was in competition with a large group of entries from business, industry and government.

The film is the story of how Sharpe Army Depot inserted bins into the standard conex conainer and turned it into a veritable "portable warehouse."  This "portable warehouse" had the capacity of getting essential parts into the field in good condition with a system of indexing and control that endabled the user to find the desired part very quickly.

The film was produced by Lawrence H. Mandell of the AMC Films Branch.  Others to be congratulated are Leland Baxter, contract writer; Clem Stegdon, contract director; John Hannan, film editor; Anthony Cassara, music editor; Thomas Hanlon, Robert Lee and Sam Deutscher, soundmen; and the Pictorial Branch of the U. S. Army Combat Developments Command Experimentation Center, Fort Ord, California.

(Adapted from "In Focus" December 1968)




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