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Sergeant Albert E. Glocker was a motion picture photographer who trained at the Signal Corps Photographic Center Photo School in 1942 and went on to serve in Combat Photo Unit 10 in the South Pacific. His daughter, Lynn Glocker, tells the story and provides photos.  Former First Lieutenant Don Mittelstaedt describes how Combat Photo Unit 10 operated to produce photos that became part of the Army's pictorial archives.


What happened to the plaque used in the dedication of the Sixth Army's Gillette Photographic Center at the Presidio of San Francisco? Family of Col. Melvin E. Gillette, the first commander of Army Pictorial Center, would like to know. Read more about Col. Gillette.



The main entrance to APC at night
was photographed by Bill Ricks,
who supplied a few of his color slides from that era.


Former Chief of Production Ray Nesbit supplied some interesting names to the Personnel Roster, including actors Lloyd Battista and Peter Bonerz, Director George Keathley and actors Robert and Mary Ludlum, a decade before Bob began his Jason Bourne books.

"The supply sergeant would tell us in his gravelly voice, 'now youse guys be sure to use plenty of fillum!'"  Oliver Bryk remembers off-duty photo training.

Paul Fanning had a varied and colorful career that included time at Army Pictorial Center, according to Bernard S. Neville.

Director Stanley "Tim" Swed is identified by son Dennis.

When Gary Crosby threw a temper tantrum on the APC main stage, Phil Silvers yanked him to his feet, chewed him out for acting like a baby and threatened to tell his dad, Bing Crosby. 



Film editor Rita Baducci Pinchiaroli
was photographed at APC in February 1945.













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Ralph F. Magrino served as fire chief at the Signal Corps Photographic Center from 1942 to 1944, reported his granddaughter, Betty Magrino English, adding another name to the Personnel Roster.


"Orphan" Dennis Benfante is looking for the 1959 film in which he appeared with Bob Craven.

Was 'The Big Picture' host escorted from the set by military police?  Peter Anderson inquires.


LT Gordon A. Benoit who served in Directors Branch around 1963 is the subject of a query.


The film "Evolution of the Attack Helicopter" is being sought by Historic Stock Footage. 


Does anyone have knowledge or film from a 1950s production, "Get Set, Go," or Thomas G. Macaluso, who played the xylophone or marimba with a U. S. Army combo?


Sperry Gyroscope Company is an unusual topic for a Help Request, but Dr. Jack Binder, archivist for the Town of North Hempstead, seeks photos or information.


"Invasion of Poland," a Film Bulletin produced by Signal Corps Photographic Center is the topic of a query for an Italian documentary, which also highlights the availability of the film on YouTube.


A 1957 photo shows Colonel McCrary with visiting officers including Colonel Ping-Tai Fei of Taiwan

Does anyone remember a 1950s film on conduct for captured soldiers?

Do you know anyone who served in Army television communications during the Cuban Missile Crisis?  Tom Morton asks.

Information about Chief of Sound Branch Tom Hanlon is needed.

Photos of Director Vibo Valenzio are still sought both by us and by Vibo's family.

Captain Gaetano Faillace, former personal photographer to General Douglas MacArthur, is remembered by another APC alumnus, D. S. Ross.

An M1C Signal officer helmet is the subject of a request from re-enactor Robert Mary of Belgium.

Adams Kenneth, Anthony Kelly, Louis Leinbecker and Albert Rielson are sought for information about Alexander J. Malashuk and a film that Malashuk shot in Hachioji, Japan, on September 15, 1945.  

Footage or photos of either the NORAD Band OR the Studio band from the late 1960s is sought by the son of John Gates, one of the bandsmen who appeared with the band in an episode of The Big Picture. 

Can you help with this mystery?  What was Nat Roger Knaster doing as a photographer/foreign correspondent in places like Madrid, Cairo and Italy during World War II.  That's what his nephew, Fred Schock wants to know. 

War-time personal recordings for postal mail exchanges, and the technology of kinescoping are topics sought by a free-lance writer developing a book about  rarely defined aspects of communications' history. 

Was Col. James B. Buchanan a former newsreel cameraman?, asks the curator of the Fox newsreel collection at the University of South Carolina. 

You can find films, photographs and other records at the National Archives and Records Administration. The collection is housed at NARA's College Park, Maryland, facility.  Visit the National Archives online at

Still reaching audiences:  "The Big Picture" can be seen on the Pentagon Channel.

Over 340 episodes of The Big Picture are available at, according to retired Master Sergeant Carl Mueller, who comments on this groundbreaking television series.