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Ray Nesbit shared his memories and added several names to the Personnel Roster:

More information about Lloyd Battista was provided by Ray Nesbit, in response to an old query by Jim Burrus.  Ray told Jim, "I noted on the APC website you wanted info on Lloyd Battista. Just Google him and you can find many hits with all kind of info. I was at APC from 1961-1964 in the TV Division.  Lloyd was a SP4 who worked in the studio as a production specialist. He and Peter Bonerz were our experienced actors and both went on to successful careers. LT Tom Morton was assigned to the Mobile TV Unit, so you probably worked with him".  Jim had previously inquired, "I was at APC in 1961-1962,  There was a soldier names Lloyd Battista there. I believe he was an actor. Do you have any information after leaving APC?"  Jim also wrote, "I was assigned to the first mobile color tv unit at APC.  We did a segment about basic training at Ft. Monmouth. This was in 1961-1962. I really would like to hear from anyone on that job."  Jim (diamond jim) Burruss, Jim@alliedphotocopy.com, 256-539-2973,   (Updates February 16, 2011, and January 15, 2006)

Missing from the personnel list was SP4 Lloyd Battista, who was in the TV Div as a production technician from 1962-64. He was an actor before joining the Army, and had quite a career in the movies and on TV. He and Peter Bonerz worked for me. One of the officers left off was MAJ Dorothy Sherba, also assigned to the TV Div. She was still there when I left in 1964.

 I was there from 1961-1964. Started out as a Project Officer as 2LT and after promotion to 1LT, and the departure of CPT Jim Lane, I was promoted to Chief of Production, Operations Br., TV Div.

A contract hire we used for several years, was a Director, George Keathley. 1962-?. He won an Emmy in 1963-64 for "One Life to Live". He also directed on Broadway. His major effort for us in TV was the Bomb Shelter Series we did for The Department of Civil Defense.  George was directing a revival of Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie ". His lead actress was Celeste Holm. She was filming a PSA downstairs in Motion Picture. George took me to her dressing room and introduced me. It was memorable: she had a cigarette dangling out of mouth and every other word was not something you hear in Sunday School. For someone who played a nun in so many movies, I was a little shocked by her behavior.  We lost George on 9-12-2010.

One of the local actors we used in the Shelter Series was Bob Ludlum and his wife Mary. In 1975, Robert Ludlum published his first book and became an instant success. The Jason Borne movies are still being made.

Before I left, I had a farewell party and was privileged to have had a caricature drawn by Yukio Tashiro from the Animation Branch. His name was missing from the personnel list too.  (Thomas Guinee remembered Tashiro as well.)

I just remembered another tidbit from my tour at APC. I don't remember whether it was COL Randle or Patterson who initiated it, but one of my "additional duties" was to be Club Officer of the APC Officer's Club. Both men enjoyed a little cocktail before our carpool journey to East Meadow. (Sometimes the Club opened before 5 p.m.)  SGT John Bowman was my head bartender. I am sure you imbibed in our little cellar.

I continue with my stream of consciousness. After looking at several of the sites, there are various photographic units mentioned that covered the Vietnam War. I was under the impression that my old company in Kaiserslautern, Germany was THE primary source of still and motion picture coverage. We sent many still and motion picture teams on TDY to VN. We even had some KIA. Somehow the 69th Signal Company (Photo) should be credited in a proper location on the site. Thanks.

Here is another actress, courtesy of George Keathley: Salome Jens. She is now 75 and is best known to younger fans as the female changeling in Star Trek-Deep Space Nine.

I just thought of two actors we used on occasion. However, we never used them in the same films. Ironically, they were brother and sister: Susan Strasberg and John Strasberg. Their father was the famous acting coach, Lee Strasberg. Susan died in 1999. John Strasberg follows in his father's footsteps and runs the John Strasberg Studios in NYC.

I just connected with former LT Steve Winnick for the first time since 1964. Hopefully he will have some memories to add to the APC site. I just thought of two actors I used: Chris Bohn as an actor in several films. Alexander Scourby was used as a voice-over narrator on a film. He is already listed in the personnel roster.

I thought of another TV, stage, and movie actor we used several times: Anthony Zerbe. Will help add to the light "Z" column.

I left in Nov 1964 for duty as the Director of the Central Audio Visual Exchange in Karlsruhe, Germany. Ironically, this was the film library for distribution to USAREUR (United States Army Europe) of the training films we made in NY, along with 16mm projectors to show them. Half way through my assignment there I was promoted to CPT and was assigned as CO of the 69th Signal Co (Photo). I split my time between Karlsruhe and Kaiserslautern for several months until they forced a PCS move. The 69th was in direct support to the Photo Officer at USAREUR HQ in Heidelberg. He was Major Cecil Stoughton, who had just finished his assignment at the White House as the official photographer to President Kennedy and later to President Johnson. Those pictures of Jackie, John John and Caroline were his. The 69th, being the only combat photography unit in the Army, sent motion picture and still photographers on TDY to Vietnam to document the war. 

My last few months in the Army was spent as the Adjutant of the 440th Signal Battalion. Returned to the land of round door knobs in Nov 1967 and became a civilian again.

You are welcome to use all of this or what you feel is pertinent. I have the site bookmarked and look forward to seeing more postings from others. Thanks for investing your time to create this archive from our lives. APC was one of the most enjoyable times in my 71-years. 

Ray Nesbit

 (Posted October 17, 2010; updated September 16, 2020.)






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