Sgt Kepler, Lt. Elk, Charles W. Berry in a photo provided by George Kotuby






Over 340 episodes of The Big Picture are available at, according to retired Master Sergeant Carl Mueller, who comments on this groundbreaking television series.

Sergeant Major Alonzer Bailey has been identified as one of the people in an awards ceremony photo supplied by Larry Collins.

"As a teenager from the New York suburbs, I was absolutely enthralled by the opportunity to watch movies being made," remembered Margot Evelind Greenspan Brunswick.

She met her husband there, "Pfc.Lawrence F. Brunswick, 1943-45, assigned to the research laboratory, he developed the 'T' system of measuring lens light transmission (as compared to the then-standard F system)."

Still reaching audiences:  "The Big Picture" can be seen on the Pentagon Channel.
"Mess sergeant" Jonathan Winters once climbed a phone pole to find his way to a film location, as Chuck Pardon remembers it.


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You can find films, photographs and other records at the National Archives and Records Administration. The collection is housed at NARA's College Park, Maryland, facility.  Visit the National Archives online at

Help Requested

Adams Kenneth, Anthony Kelly, Louis Leinbecker and Albert Rielson are sought for information about Alexander J. Malashuk and a film that Malashuk shot in Hachioji, Japan, on September 15, 1945.  

Footage or photos of either the NORAD Band OR the Studio band from the late 1960s is sought by the son of John Gates, one of the bandsmen who appeared with the band in an episode of The Big Picture. 

Can you help with this mystery?  What was Nat Roger Knaster doing as a photographer/foreign correspondent in places like Madrid, Cairo and Italy during World War II.  That's what his nephew, Fred Schock wants to know. 

War-time personal recordings for postal mail exchanges, and the technology of kinescoping are topics sought by a free-lance writer developing a book about  rarely defined aspects of communications' history. 

Was Col. James B. Buchanan a former newsreel cameraman?, asks the curator of the Fox newsreel collection at the University of South Carolina. 


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