Saul (Larry) Frisch

PFC Saul (Larry) Frisch served as a writer, actor and narrator from December 1948.  He also served as a contract writer from 1952 to 1954 and from 1962 to 1967.  He was a director for several Big Picture tv shows as Larry Frisch.  He also served as a first lieutenant in the 831st Signal Photo Reserve.

Frisch wrote, "APC was a most important part of my life and paid for much of my family , four children, in a difficult but rewarding profession, over almost 60 years.

"I worked as child actor before entering the army in August 1948 and was lucky to do film and tv jobs all over the world thereafter, but APC was my base, first on active duty until August 1949, and then Reserve duty until released in 1963.

"From March 1952 to June 1954 I worked as a contract writer at APC, then from fall 1962 until June 1967 as a contract writer and also sometimes director. My last contract script was June 1976.

"Do not know how much of this is of interest to anyone but myself, but since you asked I am replying. My legal name is Saul Frisch which was a mistake, but that is another story. Many of my films are listed under my name online for one reason or another.

"I received an officers rank in the Reserve in June 1951 and value that more than anything else in my career.

"During August l966 I was sent as contract writer-director to Saigon for a film about the ten rules of conduct, to be seen by all soldiers sent there.    Would appreciate any comment by those who used it.

"Best wishes. Larry Frisch"

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