Redstone Mopic Roster

 U. S. Army Motion Picture / Television Production Branch
Redstone Arsenal Support Activity (RASA)
U. S. Army Missile Command
Redstone Arsenal, AL

 (Contributor’s Note: This roster covering the period 1971 – 1978 was created 27 years after the author left Redstone Arsenal, AL in 1978 and surely contains organization confusion, spelling errors in some names and outright omissions of other names altogether.  Hey! Some days I can’t find my car when it is the only vehicle parked in front of my house.  Please fell free to correct any spelling errors and add those omitted.)

 RASA  – Building 7101

 Communications Electronics Division (CE)

 Chief                                        COL Preston B. Cannady

Deputy                                     Earl D. Hicks - Former Army Colonel

Motion Picture / Television Production Branch

 Chief                                        LTC Otto Hierholzer, Jr., SigC            

 Deputy                                     William Brown - APC Alumnus - Died on Duty

                                          John Walker - Transferred In


                                                 Frances Gault - RSA - RSA                          

                                        Florence Harley - RSA - DAVA

                                        Sarah Johnston - RSA - RSA     

                                        Anes Pond - RSA - RSA

Financial Management

                                                Ernestine Cook - RSA

                                                Roosevelt Readus         RSA

DA Intern

                                                 Linsey Snow

Acquisition and Management Section (Producers)

Chief                               Mort Lewis - APC Alumnus - Retired

Clyde J. Ling - Transferred In - Ft. Belvoir

Producers                      Samuel Callaway - RSA                            

                                          Sandra Oliva Clayton - Transferred In - RSA

                                          Donald Coker - APC Alumnus - Died on Duty - (AKA Don Clark)

                                          Orris H. Cox - RSA - RSA

 Edward Evans - APC Alumnus

 Howard Gates - RSA - DAVA

 Cal McCullom - Transferred In - Norton AFB

 Louis J. Napoleon - APC Alumnus - TRADOC

 Kayton Nesbitt - APC Alumnus

 Thomas J. Schiro - APC Alumnus - DAVA

 Mike Sheehy - APC Alumnus - RSA

 Court Sparks - APC Alumnus - Died on Duty

 Jean Walker - RSA - RSA                           

 Vibo V. Valenzio - APC Alumnus - Retired

 Jim Zernecke - APC Alumnus 

 Evaluation Section

Bill Mack - APC Alumnus - Retired

 Dermid McLean - APC Alumnus - Retired

Writing Section

Chief                              Charles Avedon - APC Alumnus Retired

 Writers                         Herb Greene - RSA - COE

 R. Verle Johnson - APC Alumnus

 W. Dixon Kramer - APC Alumnus

 Larry Washburn - APC Alumnus - DAVA

 GOCO Contractor – Building 4489

Contractors                H. G. Peters Co. - Hugh Peters, Owner

                                                John Bransby Co. - David M. Jacobson, Owner

General Managers                   

                                                Charles Gindhart - H. G. Peters Co.

Bill Gibbons - John Bransby Co.

Personnel (While the contractor would change, most of the production folks didn’t)

Admin                          Chantal Freeman

                                                Pat Spencer Young

 Animation                   Jim Hodges

 Audio                           Tom Rost

 Archive                        Howard “Buddy” Roberts

 Cameramen                 Bill Cooksey

                                                 Frank Labram

                                                Bill Olive

Editors                          Charlie Burrus               
                                                Frank Hanisko, Sr.

                                                 Calvin Cox

                                                 Jerry Schrimscher

                                                Neal Traugh

Lab Services                Bill Webb

Production Support    David Olive

                                                Mack McCrary

                                                 Hubie Bland
                                               John Taylor


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