People at APC

People at APC

Can you put names to any of these people?  These are photos from the collection of Joe Lipkowitz (at far left in the two party photos.)  There are more photos from Joe's collection at Lipkowitz photos.  If you can supply names, send an e-mail.

Standing far left is Joe Lipkowitz.  Just to the right of him in the back row, in dark jacket and dark shirt, is Chris Mauriello Florence C. McDonald is sitting toward the left wearing a black polka dot dress and holding a glass.  Sitting in the front row at bottom right wearing white shirt and dark tie is Stanley T. Swed.  Can you identify anyone else here?


Stanley's son, Dennis, wrote, "He's my father, and he worked out of Astoria as a director He was a combat photographer in WWII.  When they closed APC in the late 60's or early 70's, my father was transferred to Aberdeen Proving grounds.  a few years later, he was transferred, and lived in Las Cruces New Mexico. I'm not sure , since I was already in college, whether he was stationed out of El Paso or White Sands.  He then retired, later moved back to South Jersey, after he retired. He passed away in 1987.

"He was good friends with Chris Mauriello and used to commute to work, when he wasn't traveling with Charlie Arnold.

"His full name was Stanley T. Swed, but he was also known to friends as 'Tim'."


Florence C. McDonald's granddaughter, Becky Zane, wrote: "I saw your website and was happily surprised to see my grandmother, Florence C. Mc Donald, in a group photo of a Christmas Party.    She is in the top photo seated in the front, wearing a black polka dot dress.  My grandfather died in 1937, and my grandmother had to go to work.  I believe that she was one of the first people to work there when it opened.  She retired from there with a government civil service pension sometime around the early to mid 1960s.  I am trying to get a firmer time frame.  She was an Executive Secretary (not sure who she worked for specifically).  I recognize the woman who is sitting next to her in the photo.  My grandmother had a picture of herself with this woman in her apartment, I think from when she was retiring.  I believe that my grandmother told me years ago that the woman worked for her.  My mother, who is 89, thinks the woman's name was Josephine.  My older sisters remember going to the studio (I wasn't born until 1960) and my mother said she went to a wedding of someone who worked there.  I think my grandmother had a plaque or something from when she retired.  I do know that she loved working there."



Lower left front is Joe Lipkowitz.  Center in the white shirt and bow tie is Chris Mauriello.  Just to the right of Chris in the dark vest and tie is Victor Valenzio, brother of Vibo Valenzio.  Victor remembers the man to his right, the man with the round eyeglasses and a drink in his hand, as an Italian gentleman who hired Victor.  Below and a little to the right of Chris Mauriello and also wearing a bow tie is Stanley T. Swed At Chris Mauriello's right side, the bald headed man facing away from the camera, holding the cigar is cameraman Charlie Arnold, according to Tom Connelly, who wrote, "I was Charlie's assistant camera man for six months in 1959 at Fort Knox."


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