United States Army
Signal Corps Photographic Center
35-11 35th Avenue
Long Island City 1, New York

Harrison Fisk (15-43) sent a large package of orders with the above heading, ranging from early 1943 to his discharge in 1945. A lot of the "job titles" were the same old ones we have all heard: Project Officer, Liaison Officer, Admin Branch, etc. The interesting job titles on these orders include "Narration and Casting," "DomesticAnimation Branch," "Studio Support Branch," "Film Distribution Division," "Central Film Library Division," "Sound Branch," "Central Machine Branch," etc. One can easily guess that the filks assigned there were into some highly important programs to include training, motivation, and possibly some propaganda films as well. (Don't even consider asking if they were the ones who produced those horrible VD and personal hygiene films.)

Movie fans will enjoy hearing the names of some assigned there, three of whom are widely known. Russell Arms (41-45), assigned to the Casting section (best remembered as lead singer on "Your Hit Parade"), Daniel J. Dailey, Jr., (12-42), assigned to Narration and Casting and Forrest M. Tucker (25-43) whose name was found on a set of orders stating that he completed the infiltration course and participating in an aerial firing exercise. (Both of the latter became well known actors.)

The most amazing thing is that when I first talked to Harrison, he was sure that he no longer had any records of any type from his military years. Just recently he stumbled across his military file in an old filing cabinet. Adding over 130 names to the listing of graduates. Others of you might get lucky if you check where you have not checked lately!!

- Richard Green