Eleanore A. Mencik

Eleanore A. Mencik (now Jettmar), wrote, "I came upon your APC website when I googled my maiden name - Eleanore A. Mencik (just for the fun of it).  I was so surprised and I wonder how you came about starting this site. 

"I was the CO's secretary starting about 1954 or so working for Col McCrary and his successors for about 14 years until I left when my son was born. 

"I made many friends there when I was employed including Lillian (Ladyn) Ford and Dorothy (McManus) Kandel who are now deceased.  Many, many of the name listed are known to me.  I am still in touch with a couple of my co-workers and friends, with long histories at APC, and whom I do not see listed in your Roster.  You may know that a number of us stayed connected as members of the APC Alumni which was still active until perhaps five years back.  Unfortunately, I recently threw out my Alumni File.  

"I started out in the Information Office as a clerk-typist.  One of my tasks was to type 'In Focus,'  I was reassigned as the secretary to Colonel McCrary.  It happened that he was looking for a secretary and my boss (Lt. Col. Schuyler) just happened to ride in a car pool with him and recommended me to him.  I was completely surprised, very fortunate and loved the job. 

"My good friend Lee Fontana was one of the lucky ones who stayed on for a while as one of the 'caretakers' while everything was being shut down.  I was so disappointed that I was not able to come back to APC because it closed.  Some of my friends went to Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania.  I returned to Civil Service after about 8 years and went to work for IRS in NYC based on a recommendation from one of the APCers who was working there."

"I do have a file around somewhere containing pictures of various events and copies of "In Focus."  I would be happy to direct my friends to your site and share my "memorabilia" with you as well if you would be interested."

(Posted June 12, 2008; updated October 6, 2020.)


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