Theodore Earl Raph

Ted changed his name legally from Jehial Isadore to Theodore Earl on March 24, 1930.

Ted was a prefessional musician and played Dixieland trombone with touring groups in the East during the 1920s. He later composed and arranged for a number of big bands in the 1930s. He served in the U.S. Army from 1943-1945 in the Special Services Division and Signal Corps Photographic Center conducting, composing, and arranging music for movie shorts, transcriptions, and radio shows. He went on to an active role in prominent radio and TV shows, including "Name That Tune" on radio from 1952-1953 and on TV from 1953 - 1959. He followed that on "Yours For A Song" from 1961 - 1963.


Theodore Earl Raph, 86, of Scottsdale, a professional musician, died Dec. 20, 1991. He was born in Boston. Survivors include his wife, Jane; son, Alan; step-daughter, Ranney; two sisters Ruth and Gertrude of New York City; and three grandchildren. Private services will be held at a later date. Altman Memorial Chapel, Scottsdale, Arizona.

--Arizona Republic December 26, 1991



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 Brian Phelps wrote, "You have a profile of my uncle, Theodore Earl Raph, on your web site which is a direct quote from my family history page.   I would sincerely appreciate appropriate attribution and a link to my web site."


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