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Subj:   Re: Thanks for the info
Date:   Tue, 30 Oct 2001 2:36:03 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   Rosenthalx
To:   Ascendantimage
Dear Bob -

Thanks for the quick reply to my discovering you.

Here are some names:

In 1961 the CO of the APC was Lt. Col Robert B. Randle.  He was a great guy.  He wanted discipline but had an enlisted unit that was composed of mostly artsy-fartsy guys who couldn't salute to save themselves.  That group included my childhood friend Steven Segal who was an enlisted man at APC when I arrived.  Steve ended up in the publicity departments of Warners and Fox.

I arrived from the USACGSC, all gong ho, and insisted on military discipline from the company, me and another newly arrived officer (2nd Lt. Charles R. Grizzle), and Col. Randle loved it.  In fact he arranged for "Chuck" and I to have Saturday morning duty (he asked us to, not ordered) just to instill some military bearing into the men.  As I'm typing this my memories are flooding back.

In checking my 201 file (now I know why I kept this) I see that Col. Randle gave me the following MOSes prior to my leaving for France:  8500 Pictorial Unit Commander, 8511 Motion Picture and TV Director and 8510 which, if I recall, was a staff pictorial MOS.

Other officers at APC in 1961 were:  Capt. James A Harrington,  Capt. James F. Lane, 1st Lt. Victor D. Hunter, 1st Lt. Michael A. Norell, 2nd Lt. Duane Austin, 2nd Lt. James R. Rogers, CWP W-2 Charles R. Lilley.  The APC's adjutant was Maj. Sarah M. Benham WAC.

When I was transferred to Europe (Operation Roundout) I ended up at 1st Signal Group in Orleans, France, along with about 25 2nd Lts.  I was last on the list as we all went in to see Col. McGovern for duty assignments and, bluntly, he needed us like a hole in the head.  I watched as Lt. after Lt. was made comm center officer or code officer on the graveyard shifts.  I noted that the Group had 15 pictorial detachments and talked McGovern into making me Pictorial Officer EURCOMZ.  Had a ball.  Even went to the Cannes Film Festival in dress blues!!

If you want a few anecdotes, just ask.  Harry Franklin??  Oh, boy, and I was in Paris with him.  I have pictures from those days.


Robert M. Rosenthal
fax:  310-286-0121

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