Robert D. "Stoney" Stone

Stone interviews GI

Robert D. Stone, left, with camera, interviews a GI.


Combat photographer Robert D. "Stoney" Stone, who was a member of Combat Photo Unit #10, is the subject of a query from his nephew, Glenn R. Galbraith:

My grandmother's brother was Robert D. "Stoney" Stone. I'm seeking as much information about him as possible during his service. We have his Bronze Star, but do not know how he won it.

His grandfather, Albert R. "Stoney" Stone was Rochester's first newspaper staff photographer, who trained his son, Daniel J. "Stoney" Stone, to work at the same paper, owned by Frank Gannett.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Galbraith is the President and CEO of ROC Archive, on the web at and on Facebook at

Galbraith provided the photo above and the photos below.

Stone' tombstone

Robert D. Stone's tombstone.


Robert D. Stone with 35mm camera.

Robert D. Stone with a 35mm camera and light meter.


Stone with Combat Photo Unit 10.

Robert D. Stone with Combat Photo Unit #10 in Leyte.


Stone with father Albert.

Daniel J. Stone, left, father of Robert O. Stone, with Robert's grandfather, Albert R. "Stoney" Stone, who was Rochester's first newspaper staff photographer, and who trained his son, Daniel.

Posted June 10, 2021.

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