In July 1954 I was assigned to Army Recruiting Headquarters, 39 Whitehall St. with duty at the same facility which housed the Pictorial Center.  I don't know if it was being used at the time as I never did see any signs of it. However, there was a wooded scene set up on stage which I am pretty sure was used as background for a training film. We had a small Recruiting Publicity section in the building which also housed an Army Reserve units.  I was just there for the summer and that October was transferred to Bangor, Maine (my home town). As an aside, we had some pretty well known draftees at 39 Whitehall, who were used in our public relations office. One was Hilly Elkins who later became some sort of icon in show business. I think he was Mae West' manager at that time.    I recall a very friendly diner right across the street from the studio.