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Jack Stuart Ott and his wife Phyllis are featured in these otherwise unidentified photos.  Can you help describe the occasions or name other people in the pictures?  If you have any information, please e-mail Army Pictorial Center by clicking here.

Group on boat

That's Jack, facing the camera and  wearing a large check/plaid shirt and Phyllis, just to the left of Jack and wearing a headband and a collared summer shift.

These pictures were supplied by the Otts' daughter-in-law, Katherine Ott, after Jack passed away in June 2020. Katherine wrote, "I have a set of seven photos of him and his wife Phyllis with a group of people, but I don't know much about them. Only one has a label, (which reads 'Phyllis Jack Army Pictorial Cnt').  Jack was in the Army Signal Corps in the 1950s and was out west for atomic testing. He was a photographer his entire life, later working as Editor for the Painesville Telegraph (Ohio), the Dayton Daily News (Ohio) and Standard Oil, later Sohio."

This first group of photos appears to be some sort of boat outing.

APC boat outing

Couple on APC outing

APC boat outing

APC boat outing

APC boat outing

APC boat outing


This next group of three photos, below, appears to be an indoor Halloween party.  Jack has a dark shirt and a patch sewn on his left knee. Phyllis has a fabric lampshade-shaped hat on and a short-sleeved light shirt with dark piping.

Halloween party

Halloween party

(Posted November 7, 2020.)

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