Book editor seeks rights to D’Addario photos

Questions about photographer Raymond D’Addario raise more questions, as is often the case with this jigsaw puzzle that is the history of Army Pictorial Center.  A book editor is seeking permission to use D'Addario's Nuremburg photos.  We need your help.

While this website collects APC history, we have also accumulated names and information about other Army photographic units. We don't have any information about Raymond D’Addario or his work.  If you can provide any information, please contact the APC Webmaster via e-mail.

The query we received said, "We are currently working on an illustrated book on the history of German pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell. One chapter of the book is dedicated to the post-WWII era in Nuremburg (the city where Faber-Castell is based). The Army Pictorial Service photographer Raymond D’Addario, whose iconic photographs of the Nuremburg war crime tribunals gained fame the wolrd around, is one of the main characters in this chapters."



Help Requested
Help Requested

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