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Birthday greetings requested for Marie Mathauser Borghese


Tom Francis wrote, “My mother-in-law served in the Signal Corps Photographic Center somewhere between 1942 and 1945. Her name is Marie Mathauser (of Burwell, Nebraska). In 1943 she married Richard Borghese so she may be listed under that name.”

Later, “she was a payroll clerk at the old Fox Studio,” at Sunset Boulevard and Western Avenue in Hollywood.

“She turns 90 this July 26, (2011) and my wife and I would like to get a plaque that recognizes her service during WWII.

“She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

“If someone wants to send a card, please just put her name on the envelope and put it into an outer envelope addressed to the below address.”

Anita Francis
3253 Brandy Court
Falls Church, VA 22042