A Part of Astoria

A Part of Astoria

APC Members: 

I came across your site while looking for old pictures from Astoria.

.I grew up on 43rd Street, and the APC was daily part of my life going to PS 166 everyday. We always took the 'shortcut' through the drive way, which I remember as being brick or cobblestone.? I can still see the long, Army brown, cars parked behind the columns...of course we always figured it was some General. 

I also remember a summer party, at the old Army Post Office on Northern Blvd, (1950-1952?) where the Army was set up and giving away soft ice cream to all the kids. The event, I don't know the reason, was filmed by the APC and on the TV news. I was in the film, seen by my parents, but I preferred playing in the street, to watching the news. 

I moved from Astoria in 1953 at age 10, yet I still remember the good days, growing up there. 

I knew a Jack Pokress that was assigned to the APC, and later became a photographer with Newsday on LI. If my memories are suitable for your Guestbook, feel free to use them.

Thanks, Pete Carston

(Posted December 12, 2002; updated Aug. 6, 2018.)