I served at SCPC/APC summer 1955 to April 1956 as a still photographer-lab tech. in 2nd Signal Platoon. 

Many of the unit , including myself , participated in the largest field operation ever named " Operation Sagebrush " at Camp Polk, Louisiana ( now Fort Polk) returning to APC in December 1955 . 

I received orders to AFFE expecting to be in 13th Signal in Seoul, Korea.  However, 29th Topo Engineers in Tokyo , Japan, needed photo lab technicians, and I became a topo engineer for almost 2 years . 

Discharged as SP2/Sgt & NCOIC Photo Lab ; 3 year Regular Army ; was a PFC with 2nd Sig. Richard H. Shortt , RA 13530097 . Still have membership card for SCPC NCO club . Have other memories & recalls if anyone interested contact me in Virginia Beach, VA , telephone 757-857-7247 (work) or : shorttcircuit@coldair.net .

I would enjoy hearing from anyone & especially those there in yrs 1955, 1956, 1957.