Sherwood R. Gordon was assigned to Narration and Casting at Signal Corps Photographic Center in 1943.  He acted in training films and narrated voice-overs.  He remembers working at Signal Corps Photographic Center around famous names like Forrest Tucker, William Saroyan and George Cukor in 1943.  "Someday I'll tell you about the Tuesday morning massacre that took place at SCPC after gossip monger of the day Walter Winchell wrote a column about the Hollywood bunch hiding out in Astoria and avoiding the war.  Hello South Pacific!!"

Gordon recalls, "Master Sergeant James Broderick was Army head of the unit. 

"Forrest Tucker, Dan Dailey and Russell Arms were among the permanent unit. 

"Sergeant Yagalof was the one who kept SCPC personnel on track.

"Irwin Shaw, Gottfried Reinhardt, Bill Saroyan, George Cukor and many more luminaries were there in 1943 ... halcyon days.

"I recall a Colonel Presnell and a Colonel Gillette.

"Memories of 60 years ago."

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Posted February 18, 2003