Sgt Kepler, Lt. Elk, Charles W. Berry in a photo provided by George Kotuby






Former Chief of Production Ray Nesbit supplied some interesting names to the Personnel Roster, including actors Lloyd Battista and Peter Bonerz, Director George Keathley and actors Robert and Mary Ludlum, a decade before Bob began his Jason Bourne books.

"The supply sergeant would tell us in his gravelly voice, 'now youse guys be sure to use plenty of fillum!'"  Oliver Bryk remembers off-duty photo training.

Paul Fanning had a varied and colorful career that included time at Army Pictorial Center, according to Bernard S. Neville.

Director Stanley "Tim" Swed is identified by son Dennis.

When Gary Crosby threw a temper tantrum on the APC main stage, Phil Silvers yanked him to his feet, chewed him out for acting like a baby and threatened to tell his dad, Bing Crosby. 

Sergeant Albert E. Glocker was a motion picture photographer who trained at the Signal Corps Photographic Center Photo School and went on to serve in Combat Photo Unit 10 in the South Pacific. His daughter, Lynn Glocker, tells the story.



The main entrance to APC at night was photographed by Bill Ricks, who supplied a few of his color slides from that era.





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